Delaware River bronzebacks!


These hard fighting scrappy fish can be caught from June through November.  When the water temperatures are in the upper sixties to mid seventies, smallmouth bass will be found in the riffs or near rock structures during the daylight hours and in the weed bed flats at dusk or on overcast days.


Catches of fifteen to thirty fish are possible using small floating Rapalas and Tiny Torpedos.   When the water cools in the fall, jigs tipped with Kalin or Berkley chartreuse grubs or small Rebel crawdad crankbaits are the way to go since the bronzebacks will be in the deeper pools.


Best Times: Mid June through early October


Water Temps: 66 to 78 degrees

(Optimum: 74 degrees)

Where: Callicoon to Zane Grey

Feed these fish:

Senkos, Pop-R's, Tiny Torpedos, Tubes, Chug-Bugs, Case Magic Sticks, Rapalas

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